REO Prep offers multiple services for home sellers

Tradational Seller:

  • Home valuation reports from REO Prep agents.
  • Property profile reports from REO Prep approved vendors.
  • For sale listing with poperty description and brochures.
  • Closing services from REO Prep approved vendors.
  • Repairs & Staging from REO Prep approved vendors.

REO Prep Specialty Seller:

  • Loan modification assistance
  • Short Sales closings from begining to end with REO Prep approved agents. 
  • Cash for keys assistance. 
  • Tenant management assistance with REO Prep approved vendors.
  • Foreclosure assistance with REO Prep approved agents.
  • Bankruptcy assistance with REO Prep approved vendors. 


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REO Prep understands every sellers needs and goals are different. When utilizing REO Prep services rest assured you will be working with only the best and most experienced professionals within the industry. REO Prep approves and maintains a high standard for all approved vendors.

Vendor Solution
If you are a home owner currently experiencing financial difficulty, loss of employment, or simply have a loan that is adjusting REO Prep may offer the solutions you have been looking for.
Over the years including the last real estate recession REO Prep has developed specific programs to assist home owners through this process. REO Prep has experienced vendors with the knowledge and training necessary to assist home owners with their needs.